Jackson's Hill

About Jackson's Hill

Jackson’s Hill wines reflect their varietal appeal but further, they embody elements of interest – complexity and nuances that create an extra layer.

Located in the Mount View sub-region of the Hunter Valley, Jackson’s Hill was established as a vineyard in 1983 after previously being used for grazing livestock. The vineyard is geographically the highest in the Hunter Valley and is planted with Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon plus Cabernet Franc - which isn’t typically grown in the region.

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A fantastic part of the world

The soil profile of the property is quite atypical

Basically the Jackson’s Hill site is limestone with only a shallow layer of red soil covering. This means the vines are quite stressed for nutrients and ironically stressed vines produce the best fruit. Grape vines are generally vigorous growers and this vigour needs to be kept in check.

During WWII Jackson’s Hill was seconded for its limestone deposits. It was thought that if Australia’s limestone coast became isolated due to invasion the limestone at Jackson’s Hill could be utilized by the eastern states for construction.

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We very much approach our wines with a regard to pairing them with food, as wine is better with food and food is better with wine.

Adam Walls

Wine Educator, Wine Show Judge

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